Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order the products
  • You may opt for buying it online by clicking the order button and adding it to your cart. You may opt for more than one product and add all of them to your cart.
  • You may note the product details and the Code number and mail us an order alongwith a Demand Draft or at par Cheque and we shall dispatch you the materials as soon as the payment is credited in our account.
2. How do I make the Payment.
  • You can make payment via Online Bank Transfer or Cash / Cheque deposit into our Bank Account. The bank account details are given at the time of "Payment" when you checkout.
  • If you are not ordering online, you may mail us your order and send us a Demand draft / at par Cheque or can transfer the payment to our account also. The product ordered shall be despatch  as soon as the Payment is Credited to our account.
3. Are the products mentioned in the website manufactured in India?
  • NO. All the products are imported from Thailand, Germany, China. But the products are made as per our specifications and we keep a strict quality control.
4. What is Warranty period and after sales Service Support.
  • Warranty varies from product to product. All the products are repairable in India. We keep enough stock of Spare parts for future maintainance.
5. Is there any refund / return policy available – after receipt of the product(s)?
  • NO. Products once sold would not be taken back. But if there are some problems in the product the same shall be rectified as promised.
6. After the warranty period do you give service?
  • YES. Paid services are available at our Baroda service centre.